A Simple Idea

Over the last 17 years of working in the water and wastewater industry, I’ve held numerous roles, from a field worker to a supervisor to an Operation Manager. Most of my experience was in the maintenance of existing utilities except for my current roles as a construction inspector for reclaimed water utilities in new developments. It has been an interesting field and every day I learn something new from seasoned site superintendents or sales representatives offering new products or widgets. Many of the devices are simple in nature and are wide spread in the underground utilities and plumbing industry. One example of a simple device that is commonly used in the water and plumbing industry are metal inserts. Metal inserts are used in C-901 Polyethylene pipe also known as “Poly Pipe” for water and reclaimed water service lines. The inserts come in several sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 2″, inserted on each end of the “poly” pipe which serves as the conduit allowing water to flow from the main line to the service meter. The metal inserts keep the poly pipe stiff on each end which prevents the pipe from collapsing when attaching a curb stop or corporation stop to the poly. Some cities and counties don’t prefer to use inserts for reasons unknown to me but I’ve never had any issues using the inserts and would suggest using them for all poly pipe installs. As a matter of fact, the employer I work for requires inserts to be used in all new service line installs and for repairs of existing poly service lines.

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