About a year and a half ago, I began receiving calls from customers complaining about sand entering their irrigation system and clogging their irrigation heads. One particular customer spent about $2000.00 to replace irrigation heads, grass, and landscaping and fortunately the organization that I work for reimburse the customers for their expenses. Clearly, there was an issue with the reclaimed water distribution system that services this road. The system, for this particular road, was designed to supply water from two separate locations, one on each end of the road. After performing directional flushing for a couple days, trying to remove as much sand as possible from the system, the problem continued to exist. However, the problem was only at two particular houses that were located on corner lots directly across from one another. Understand that locating the origins of the sand across miles of water main line was like locating a needle in a haystack, my group and I decided that it would be beneficial to install a blow-off valve to localize the flushing closer to the suspected problem area. Furthermore, we purchased irrigation system filters for each house to help alleviate any future problems with their systems along with creating a program to flush the water main line. So far, so good.

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