Fourth Grade Math

Currently, I’m studying to take the state underground utility contractor test and recently I was reviewing the construction math portion of the material. It was pertaining to Area of a trapezoid, the volume of a cylinder, circumference of a circle, radius, and diameter. I’ve never had any issue throughout my schooling with math, so I was moving through the questions at a rather brisk pace. Furthermore, being in the construction field I use a few of the calculations quite often. While studying my son Kahmeel came to me and asked if I could help him with his homework and I replied, YES OF COURSE. My son is in the fourth grade so I had no idea what material fourth-grade students are learning these days, the majority of the time he completes his work in class. When he showed me the work, it was the same exact information I was studying for the underground utility test. Being the mathematician that I am, he was amazed at how I remembered this information from so long ago. Inside I felt proud to be able to help my son but I also knew that I was just reviewing the same material 5 minutes ago. Then Kahmeel asked the famous question, when will I ever use this type of math? I showed him the information that I was reviewing and he said, daddy, you are studying fourth-grade math and I laughed and said yes daddy is studying fourth-grade math. So today I’m going to share some fourth-grade conversion factors that are used quite often in the construction industry.

Converting from inches to feet, you divide by 12

Converting from feet to inches, you multiply by 12

Converting from square inches to square feet, you divide by 144

Converting from square feet to square inches, you multiply by 144

Converting from cubic inches to cubic feet, you divided by 1,728

Converting from cubic feet to cubic inches, you multiply by 1,728

Converting from feet to yards, you divided by 3

Converting from yards to feet, you multiply by 3

Converting from square feet to square yards, you divided 9

Converting from square yards to square feet, you multiply by 9

Converting from cubic feet to cubic yards, you divide by 27

Converting from cubic yards to cubic feet, you multiply by 27

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