About a year and a half ago, I began receiving calls from customers complaining about sand entering their irrigation system and clogging their irrigation heads. One particular customer spent about $2000.00 to replace irrigation heads, grass, and landscaping and fortunately the organization that I work for reimburse the customers for their expenses. Clearly, there was … Continue reading Blow-Off

Cross Connection

A cross-connection is an actual or potential link between the potable water supply (water safe for human consumption) and a non-potable source (any other type of liquid, gas or substance not fit for consumption and that can affect water quality).  A cross-connection can be avoided by eliminating the link between the two sources.  If the … Continue reading Cross Connection

Percentage of Completion

You own a have a pool construction company and you were asked to install a pool and a screen room. You travel to the customer's house and survey the area where the pool will be installed and you determine the only additional work needed besides installing the pool, will be to remove existing irrigation. The … Continue reading Percentage of Completion

A Simple Idea

Over the last 17 years of working in the water and wastewater industry, I’ve held numerous roles, from a field worker to a supervisor to an Operation Manager. Most of my experience was in the maintenance of existing utilities except for my current roles as a construction inspector for reclaimed water utilities in new developments. … Continue reading A Simple Idea